Irene Johnson - CEO

As the CEO, Irene is the driving force behind Westralians' direction and success.  

Irene believes in delivering high quality cleaning and property maintenance services with the client’s needs in mind. Her leadership style has ensured Westralian’s strong management team shares that vision.

Christina Weatherstone - CFO

As CFO, Christina ensures all departments run efficiently to support Westralian operations.  

As part owner of Westralian, Christina is responsible for the economic strategy and forecasting of the business.  She holds a multi-functioning role, ensuring all administration departments meet the Business needs and requirements.

Matthew Johnson - General Manager

Joining Westralian in 2016, Matthew plays a significant role in long-term planning, including implementing initiatives geared towards operational excellence.

He is a leader with an ambitious and driven personality, with a broad range of experience in customer service, project management and operations management.

We are approached by cleaning companies to provide service up to six times a week. And we couldn’t go past the quality of service that Westralian provides. They are professional, accommodating and provide an excellent service. Best of all, they are extremely price competitive and if there is a problem, it is very quickly rectified. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.

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