A cleaner, germ-free school is just the beginning.

People really put their immune systems through the ringer during their developmental years, don't they? Perhaps it's all part of growing up to be a strong, healthy adult, but when it comes to childhood germs, the facts are downright icky. 

For instance, according to a new report commissioned by HomeAdvisor, playground "monkey bars" are "366 times dirtier" than the average home's typical toilet seat.

Using sterile swabs provided by EMLab P&K, researchers swabbed 11 different pieces of playground equipment at three different playgrounds, including one indoor. The results were analysed at a lab and compared with data on the bacteria count of common household items like toothbrush holders, bathroom faucets, dog-food bowls and more. 

The grimiest areas included high-traffic, high-touch areas like rock walls, baby swings, and seesaws which all contained "over 52,000 times more bacteria than a typical home toilet seat," according to the report.

Westralian has been serving schools for many years and has a school cleaning program that enables a safer and cleaner environment for students and staff alike. Contact us to find out more.