The Journey of the Germ: What Does Your Washroom Say About You?

Here at Westralian, we spend lots of our time in washrooms. With over 30 years’ experience cleaning every possible type and size of washroom you can imagine (and some you probably don’t want to!) we know more about washroom cleanliness and cleaning trends than anyone we know.

We know that employees and customers are more concerned than ever about the germs and how this is linked to poor hygiene standards in washrooms. As life continues to get busier and busier, no one wants to get sick; no one has time to get sick. This is where Westralian can help.

No matter what you do germs will always be present, and that is especially true in washrooms. With a little Westralian Washroom Awareness, there are ways you can reduce the risk and keep everyone safer.

Routine Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep germs and bacteria from lurking in your washroom is to keep it clean. Daily cleanings, and especially regular deep cleanings, remove germs. Westralian is passionate about washroom cleanliness – so passionate in fact, that on the 8th of every month Westralian staff put on special t-shirts and promote Washroom Awareness Day.

Easier Cleaning of Walls and Floors

Most people know how important it is to keep washroom floors clean, but often don’t think about the state of the walls. Just wiping over the walls is not enough. If you have tiles, germs get trapped in the grout, and sanitising grout is difficult. Consider upgrading to large format tiles (reducing grout lines), or even better, use wall cladding and safety flooring to remove grout lines completely. These are much easier to keep clean.

If you use wall hung toilet pans, it’s easier for us to mop the floors in your washroom, and all pipework is hidden, reducing surfaces where germs can hide. As a bonus – when you use less floor space, your washroom looks bigger.

Sensor Activated Equipment

Deep cleaning is the best way to keep germs under control, but there are other ways to avoid germs, here at Westralian, we love touch-free systems. When your employee or customer doesn’t need to touch anything in the washroom, you reduce the spread of germs. Sensors are available for most equipment in your washroom – flushing sensors, taps, lighting, and hand drying. Sensor taps have a timer that shuts off the water after a few seconds, and sensor lighting means that the lights are only on when someone is actually in the washroom.

Westalian’s hygiene services provide touch-free sanitary bins, and an innovative touch-free washroom feedback rating system, Cristal.

Engage the best

Germs journey everywhere and are especially drawn to washrooms. Contact Westralian today to find out more about our washroom consumables and hygiene services.