Westralian’s Washroom Awareness Day

We have seen enough washrooms over our thirty years as commercial cleaners to know that, well, they get pretty dirty (even when they appear to be clean). At Westralian, our goal is to make washrooms better places to go. This commitment drives us to ensure your public washrooms are as clean as possible, all the time.

Quality Hygiene Services

The first step to keeping your washroom clean is to make sure all employees at our commercial cleaners go through proper training – we don’t accept anything other than the very best from our staff, and our training ensures they know how to do their jobs to the highest standards. Our hygiene services staff are competent, qualified, and suitably attired before they arrive at your shopping centre, school or facility.

By following a strict health and safety policy, as well as our meticulous cleaning methods, we help make sure that your washrooms are ready for your customers. As the face of our company, each of our staff members are hand-picked, and we like to think of them as family.

Washroom Awareness

Did you know Westralian’s commitment to excellence is evident in our innovative implementation of a monthly  “Making Washrooms Better Places to Go” day?  On the 8th of every month, our teams wear a special t-shirt, celebrating the importance of clean washrooms, and renew their promise to provide you with exceptional services.

Regular Cleaning

Westralian schedules hygiene services staff to regularly clean your washroom. Using our exciting Cristal Washroom monitor, our staff have the technology to be immediately notified of any washroom issues, and rectify them before they cause a problem.

Superior Hygiene Products

Westralian uses a two-fold system to ensure your washrooms are safe, clean, and efficient. In addition to training our staff to use best practice methods, we use hygiene products that meet or exceed the highest industry standard. From our touchless sanitary bins, to our range of Good 2 Go consumables, we continue to set the standards for commercial cleaners in Perth. Don’t go looking elsewhere for cleaning, washroom consumables, or hygiene services – we take care of everything for you.

When your washrooms are clean and sanitary, everyone feels happier and safer knowing their health is important to you. Many customers are turned away by a dirty washroom and let’s face it, walking into a washroom with dirty stalls, toilet paper on the floor or overflowing bins isn’t nice for anyone.

Our goal is to keep your washroom sparkling clean, so choose Westralian Commercial Cleaning as your number one choice for washroom consumables and hygiene services. We know you’ll be glad you did.  

Call us today for more information about how we can clean up your washrooms.